As mentioned, Pacific Paving started out with smaller projects like driveways and parking lots and has grown into a full service General Contractor capable of taking on large heavy civil projects for Regions and Municipalities as well as private owners, developers and institutions.

Our focus has shifted to undertaking large heavy civil projects including excavation, grading, road rehabilitations and reconstruction, underground servicing (sanitary, storm and watermain), structural reconstructions and rehabilitations, electrical and illumination work including charging stations, commercial lighting and municipal lighting as well as traffic control services.

We further undertake servicing Municipalities and Regions providing snow removal services as well as undertaking emergency sewer and watermain repair contracts for over the past 10 years. Pacific Paving Ltd. is dedicated to undertaking any project; regardless of scope, and executing all facets of the project with diligence, professionalism and a focus on providing a superior product to the Client.