Pacific Paving Limited currently employs over 200 individuals inclusive of field and office staff. Over the past 60 plus years, Pacific Paving grew from paving small driveways to a full service, heavy civil Contractor undertaking a range of projects spanning from small parking lots to Municipal and Private heavy civil road reconstructions and widenings.

Having been in the industry for over 60 years, Pacific Paving understands what it takes to last; its not how many projects we take on but the quality of the project we deliver. Pacific will routinely undertake anywhere from 8 to 10 heavy civil Municipal projects simultaneously and the reason for this is to ensure that a superior quality product is achieved at the end exceeding the Clients’ expectations. In addition, they take on anywhere from 50 to 80 small independent parking lot or rehabilitations (on average a one to two day project) throughout the course of the season. Pacific Paving has found that the key to success is managing what you have properly to ensure that projects are executed with fluidity and so our workforce; labourers and office staff, although may seem small in comparison to the amount of work underway, are exceptional, professional and highly competent in order to carry out every aspect of a project. The staff at every level; from the Receptionist to the Office Manager, from a Labourer to a Supervisor, make it possible for Pacific to take on any project, regardless of scope, because we can guarantee the teams’ ability to execute it without hesitation or issue.

In terms of the outside crews, Pacific Paving runs 3 major asphalt crews, 2 grinding crews, 3 concrete crews, 2 emergency underground repair crews, 2 underground mainline crews, 2 survey crews and 3 excavation crew and other crews as necessary. In addition, if work is taken on where additional resources may be required, we have access to a vast array of highly knowledgeable and experienced workers who can be assigned and deployed to any one project in order to ensure that we can sustain the undertaking of multiple operations and projects being constructed simultaneously. The current crew makeups can also be rearranged in order to accommodate any operation whether it be excavations and removals, underground servicing, paving or any other type of work required on the project. Pacific has built it’s core crews to be fluid and flexible thereby meeting the needs of the Client for their specific project.

Pacific Paving is not what it is today if not for careful planning and preparation. This is why meetings are held internally prior to our crews stepping foot on a site to commence the work. Even before Pacific is awarded a project; right from the bidding stage, our team of Estimators and Project Managers meet to discuss the project, the approach to construction and any possible or potential issues that could arise. This is done to ensure that the Estimating team is fully apprised of the scope of work and; based on the input from Management, how the project will actually be constructed in the field. This reduces any potential setbacks or complications and allows for all levels of the team to provide their input at this stage.

Should Pacific be successful in any submission and are ultimately awarded a project, the meetings continue. The Estimator, Project Manager, Site Superintendent and any other key personnel will sit down and discuss the Estimators’ approach to bidding the project. This gives the entire team an overview of exactly what is involved with the construction so that there is understanding amongst all levels of the expectations, as well as it provides the team ample opportunity to contact the relevant agencies should permits, permissions etc. be required during construction. The team further uses this time to undertake a deep analysis of the project by utilizing past experiences and knowledge to determine if there could be any potential conflicts or issues once construction is underway. In doing this, we can guarantee our team is fully educated, versed and equipped with every tool necessary to combat any potential conflicts that could arise on site thereby reducing any down time on a project. If our team knows what the potential issues on a project are, they will have the resources and knowledge to address them efficiently and expeditiously so as to minimize any major delays as we already have a solution.