In 1954, Fausto Finelli emigrated from Italy to Canada with the hopes and aspirations of one day owning his own company. For the next four years, he learned the skills of the construction trade and eventually opened Pacing Paving Limited in 1958.

Although having started out as a asphalt paving company, Fausto realized the need to grow and expanded and so with the help of his sons; Tony and Pino , they continued to grow and develop the company into much of what you see today. Although having started out in the paving business, the company broadened it’s horizons by offering grinding and pulverizing services, concrete services including the installation of curbs, gutters and sidewalks, excavation and grading services as well as undergrounds installation and electrical.

Having grown up in the company, Tony and Pino quickly realized their fathers’ vision and elaborated on it. Tony came into the company officially around 1974 and learned from his father every aspect of the company and the work it took to coordinate and execute any project. With Pino following in 2000, the two brothers understood that in order to continue on as a leading Contractor in this industry they needed to expand on the framework their father had put in place. They brough in Nick in 2009 to act as General Manager. So, in 2019, Pacific GFJ Limited was created with a focus on the construction of underground infrastructure and in 2021, PacificTerra Limited was born focusing on the excavation and grading portions of a project.

What is important to recognize is that Pacific Paving’s success is not simply mounted on the backs of those who have carried out the work over the years, it is fundamentally rooted in the fact that we have always put our Clients first. Each project brought to us is dealt with on an individual basis and not viewed with the same “cookie cutter” as another. This approach has afforded us the ability to customize each project to meet that Clients’ needs and in doing so, has shown that Client our appreciation for the opportunity to work with them. This is why we have continued to maintain relationships with our Customers, Municipalities, and private organizations over the years; it is the respect we show them and the product we deliver that keeps them wanting to come back to us. The cornerstone of our success is that we stand committed to higher standards by providing the best quality workmanship and couple that with complete cooperation and teamwork, this is why we are able to ensure our Clients’ complete satisfaction.

Fausto envisioned a company that could stand the test of time and be remembered and recognized with a stunning reputation that would reverberate throughout the industry. He achieved just that! To this day, Pacific Paving Limited is proud of the reputation they have created but even more proud of the people they employ. It is the integrity, loyalty and honesty that each member of our team displays; whether in the field or in the office, that has allowed us to remain a constant presence in this industry for over 60 years.